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Home improvement projects are easy with help from The Home Depot Rental. Whether you want to take on a landscaping renovation with large equipment, an indoor home update with general tools or want to transport materials and supplies with a pickup truck, we have the rentals to make it happen. With rental centers available in most The Home Depot stores, you can find everything you need, from pressure washers and mini skid steers to expert advice, all in one place. We’re your one-stop to get from doing to done.



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Inspiration for your next DIY project starts here. From project ideas and step-by-step instructions to how-to videos and helpful tips, we have everything you need to get more done.

Build Your Own DIY Halloween Yard Decorations 

Build spooky Halloween decorations for your yard with the right tools and equipment from The Home Depot Rental. 

How to Refresh an Indoor Room with Tool Rentals 

Got a space in need of a room refresh? No matter your budget, a few small DIY home improvement updates like stripping old wallpaper can transform a room. The Home Depot Rental has the tools and equipment you need to get it done in a weekend. 

Build Your Own Cornhole Boards

Create your own cornhole set for tailgating and be the hit of the party, with step-by-step DIY plans to have you playing in no time.

Your Seasonal Aeration and Overseeding Guide

Learn all about aerating and overseeding your lawn, from when lawns need it and how to tell if yours does, the benefits, how to do it and what to do after.

How to Install a French Drain 

After a heavy rain, does your lawn typically resemble swampy marshland? If so, you may need to install a French drain. The Home Depot Rental is your one-stop shop to get everything you need for your DIY installation.

Build a DIY Fire Pit

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your yard for those upcoming fall nights, a DIY fire pit is just what you need. Building a fire pit can be simple to do, and with the right tools and equipment from The Home Depot Rental, you can make it your next fun weekend project.

How to Install a Garden Pathway

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or an established renovator, adding personal touches to your space is always a great idea. Build an inviting outdoor pathway for your garden or to your yard with the right tools and equipment from The Home Depot Rental. 

Fall Landscaping with Lawn Care and Tool Rentals 

Neglected your to-do list all summer? Tackle lawn care and landscaping projects this weekend with rentals to help you get the job done.

How to Build a Doghouse

Learn how to make a DIY outdoor doghouse from scratch. These step-by-step plans will guide you to make a safe outdoor shelter for your pet. 

Get a Clean Deck and Patio Just in Time for Backyard Season

Discover how to clean your deck, patio, yard and other areas and items in your outdoor living space to enjoy nice days with guests.

How to Pack Your Moving Truck

Make the right move when packing your moving truck or van rental. Always load large items in the back of the truck, pack medium boxes in the middle and save the front for small items. The Home Depot Rental has truck and van rentals that make moving easy.

How to Build an Adirondack Chair 

Build a DIY Adirondack chair with plans, tools and materials from the Home Depot. Enjoy your outdoor living space with this easy-to-follow guide. 

Your Indoor Painting Guide with a Paint Sprayer

Learn the basics needed to paint an indoor room like a pro, from preparing to paint to cleanup, as well as the tools you'll need to get it right.

Flooring Removal and Installation Tips

Find out how to install and remove different types of flooring and costs associated with each in this guide from The Home Depot Rental.

How to Use a Paint Sprayer 

Get the tips and tricks on how to use a paint sprayer so you can paint your deck like a Pro.

How to Plant Flowers 

Learn everything you need to create a beautiful garden that you can enjoy all summer with easy to use rentals from The Home Depot.

Refresh Your Home's Exterior

It’s time to refresh your exterior surfaces such as your home’s siding, patio, deck and driveway. A pressure washer rental with a surface cleaner attachment is a great way to take on this weekend project. You’ll have exterior surfaces looking brand new and get a big boost to your home’s curb appeal.

Refresh and Restore Your Home Office

If your home office looks lived in, it’s time to refresh your space. Rental tools like carpet cleaners, floor polishers and paint sprayers can help make your office space work for you.

Build a DIY Patio

Backyard missing something? Build a patio with tool and equipment rentals from The Home Depot Rental. Large equipment and tools like skid steers, sod cutters and compactors can haul materials, prep your yard, and level land. We have power tool rentals like circular saws, cordless drills and framing nailers to put the finishing touches on your project.

Design and Build an Outdoor Entertainment Space

Make outside the new inside this year with a DIY outdoor entertainment space. Level your yard with large equipment rentals like a mini skid steer and a plate compactor. Cut stone with a paver and clean up concrete and wood with a pressure washer rental.


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