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When disaster strikes, we’re here to help. The Home Depot Rental is your one-stop shop for all your pro-quality restoration and mitigation equipment needs. From tools and trucks to large equipment and trailers, find the storm rentals to help get the job done. 

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Whether it’s a natural disaster, plumbing emergency or a leaky roof, rent what you need from The Home Depot. Our fleet of restoration and remediation tools are ready to rent at your nearest Rental Center when disaster strikes. With over 1,200 locations, extended store hours and onsite delivery for large equipment, we’re here to help you take on the unexpected. Fully stocked disaster relief trailers on standby provide additional inventory to support local communities during catastrophic weather events like hurricanes and floods. 


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Flood clean up and water damage restoration call for efficient and reliable equipment. We’ve got what you need, whenever and wherever you need it. The Home Depot Rental offers carpet fans, dehumidifiers, pumps and everything else you need to take on unexpected water damage. 

Carpet Blower

Fast drying solution for water cleanup. Three position drying for floors, walls and ceilings. Equipped with a built-in carpet clamp for under-carpet drying.

PRO Carpet Blower

Dry floors, walls, stairways and narrow hallways with streamlined, contractor-grade drying power. Connect up to 6 of these units for even faster drying power.

Carpet Drying Fan 

Quickly dries carpet, tile or hardwood floors as well as tight spaces such as closets and cabinets. Combine with a carpet cleaner for a more efficient restoration process.


Pro-quality, dehumidifiers remove excess moisture due to flood and water damage. Available in both compact and PRO models with 17 and 29 gal/day capacities.

Roofers Pump

Ideal for removing pooled water from flat rooftops. Uses a standard garden hose and pumps 33 GPM.

Submersible Pump

Drain deep pools of water and remove sand or debris. This pump can handle solids up to 0.4” and pumps 60 GPM.

Gas Water Pump

Perfect solution for flood cleanup in residential areas. Drains up to 27 GPM with 1.5 hours of pump time.

Gas Trash Pumps

High-efficiency pumps for flooded basements, excavation sites and manholes. Available in both 2” and 3” models with up to 210 and 400 GPM, and solid capacities of 1” and 1.5”, respectively.

High Volume Fan

Ventilate smoke, dust and fumes while drying large spaces with this high-velocity fan. Repositions easily for quieter operation and higher intensity airflow.

Drain Cleaners  

Clean drainpipes and sewer lines between 1-1/4” to 10” in diameter and up to 200’ long. Available in a variety of models, from handheld to large, sectional drain cleaners.

Carpet Cleaners 

Keep your house free of dirt, dust, allergens and other irritants that resist vacuuming. Cleans both sides of carpet fibers using a triple-action brush. 

Carpet Extractor  

Powerful, deep cleaning with continuous heating capabilities for superior performance. Tackle large jobs with a spacious solution tank and maneuver easily. 

Mold Removal Fogger  

Tackle mold in large or compact spaces like basements, attics and wall cavities. A fine mist of Atomized Concrobium Mold Control solution eliminates odor and treats surfaces.

HEPA Air Scrubbers

Provides high-efficiency air filtration to handle the indoor air quality needs on every restoration job including damage caused by sewage, mold or fire. One unit can treat up to 1,000 cubic feet of enclosed space with variable airflow of up to 500 cfm.


Natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes can damage homes and buildings with high winds that pick up and displace debris. Prepare for a storm by boarding up windows, storing outdoor furniture and décor and removing potential hazards with tree clearing equipment rentals. We have everything you need to protect your home or business from the storm. From in-store supplies to boom lift and chainsaw rentals, we have what you need to take on storm preparation.


36V Cordless Chainsaw

Cut and trim trees and shrubs with zero emissions and lower noise. The high-power efficiency is equivalent to a gas model.

Electric Chainsaw

Ideal for residential areas with light storm damage, this model is mid-sized and great for light cutting.

Gas Chainsaws

Perfect for clearing limbs and trees before or after a storm hits. Gas models are designed with power and durability. Available in 16” and 20” models.


Power everything from small household appliances to storm cleanup equipment with inverter and traditional generator rentals. Available in 2K, 3K or 6.5K-Watt models. 

Boom Lift

Articulating and telescopic boom lift options allow you to reach gutters, roofs, tree limbs and other hard-to-reach places. Available in towable or self-propelled models.

Skid Steer

Skids loaders can help prevent flooding by grading property before a storm and hauling away debris during storm cleanup. Models are available in both tracked and wheeled options with rated operating capacities of 700 lbs. to an impressive 2,500 lbs.

Chipper Shredder

Clean up tree limbs, shrubbery and other natural debris. Available in both 6’ and 12’ models, you can chip and shred limbs of all sizes.

Mini Skid Steer

Marrying a compact design with the power you’d expect from a full-sized skid loader, our largest mini skid steer models have a width of just 44” and boast a max lift capacity of over 1,000 lbs.

Dump Trailer

Load and haul away up to 4 cubic yards of debris from fallen trees, high winds and flooding. Varying model sizes available can carry up to 4,500 lbs.

Mini Excavator

Easily dig catch basins and water runoff drains with a mini excavator. Available in 1-4 ton models that feature independent boom swings and backfill blades.


A compact earth moving machine ideal for storm cleanup. A tractor loader backhoe feature both a front loader bucket and a backhoe for disaster remediation.

Flatbed Pickup Truck

Our unlimited-mileage flatbed pickup truck rentals are capable of carrying up to 3,000 lbs. for max efficiency and feature foldable sidewalls to make loading and unloading easy.

Cargo Van

Ideal for moving supplies and household items in preparation for severe weather. Available with unlimited mileage, these vehicles come equipped with an overload warning system and cargo tie downs.

PRO Breaker

An ideal solution for demolition on concrete slabs and foundations up to 12” thick. This heavy-duty concrete breaker is lightweight and delivers minimal handle vibration for faster storm damage cleanup.

Power Tools

Prepare for and clean up after natural disasters with pro-quality power tool rentals. Board up windows, support carports and porches and reinforce garage doors with pro-quality power tool rentals like drills, saws and more.

Power Pole Pruner

Provides extra-long reach for fast, easy and safe tree cleanup in those hard-to-reach applications. Equipped with a branch extractor for easy removal of troublesome branches.

Framing Nailer & Air Compressor

Add additional pre-storm and post storm support to your home or business with well-balanced and easy-to-operate framing nailers. Pair with an air compressor for pneumatic models. This combination is also ideal for repairing damaged roofs.

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You never know when a disaster may strike. We’re here to help prepare your home or business and ensure minimal damage with our storm rental fleet. Reinforcement tools and equipment like a generator rental can make a difference, especially during prolonged power outages. Make an impact now by taking on small projects early like sealing windows, filling gaps in siding and patching roofs. Explore even more ways to protect your home or business with the help of The Home Depot Rental.

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