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Winter Jobsite Safety with The Home Depot Rental

Posted by: Erika Green on November 17, 2017


When you’re working outside it can be hard to stay safe AND warm. Dealing with harsh conditions like extreme cold, high winds and slippery surfaces, while still being efficient is quite the challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Before performing any task, whether it’s removing snow with a Bobcat skid steer, or repairing a roof while strapped to your Genie boom lift, these safety tips should be priority during the winter.

Gear up

Wear the right clothing to stay warm and dry. Always wear gloves to protect your hands, and if possible, wear a wool cap or liner underneath your hard hat to reduce heat loss.

You’ll also need to wear the right kind of footwear for proper insulation. Shoes should be waterproof and have nonslip soles to prevent falling. And don’t forget to layer up with two pairs of socks.

Inspect and repair the equipment

Perform a pre-operation inspection and test the equipment before each use. Ensure the equipment is ready to tackle the job by checking filters, battery, fluids, tires and hoses. Once complete, start the machine and let it warm up for several minutes until it reaches operating temperature. Don’t rush this process – it’s critical.

Know the risks of the jobsite

Start every day with an inspection of all surfaces. Look for hazardous situations like drop-offs, holes, power lines and underground utilities that may exist. Avoid operating your machine near these areas. This process may seem time-consuming, but it will prevent injuries or equipment damage in the long run.

If you’re working near a body of water, be especially careful, as ice may be hidden under the snow. Do a thorough examination of the ground to ensure it’s thick enough to support the weight of your equipment and solid enough for the duration of the work.

Educate the rest of your team

Work directly with your crew to review all safety practices and a jobsite evaluation before getting started. Don’t assume everyone is aware of necessary pre-checks, or how best to use the equipment. Safe is better than sorry.

Winter is unavoidable, but following the appropriate safety precautions and the right equipment will make your next job safe and convenient.

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