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Why is heavy equipment rental simple at The Home Depot?

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on March 15, 2013


Are you considering a landscape overhaul this spring? Big changes to the sacred yard space can be exciting and intimidating. Unfortunately, the average landscaper spends an average of twice as much time and resources than what is initially budgeted before a project is fully completed. One of the downfalls of the frugal gardener (and even the prodigal one) is the hesitance to enlist help. Labor is expensive and oftentimes the task just isn't done right unless you do it yourself. Coincidentally, the help you need isn’t a person, but a machine, and it comes at a fraction of the cost. 


If you have a trailer hook up, and you live within decent proximity to a The Home Depot (Locations), then you’re in luck.  Most do-it-yourselfers frequent here because they know that all their home improvement needs can be fulfilled at low cost. But get this- you can also rent heavy equipment from The Home Depot at their Compact Power Equipment Rental. The equipment is already on the trailer, ready to take to your project destination. Heavy equipment tools can significantly decrease the time it takes to do a project and do it well. Why shovel for days when you can excavate in minutes? In the end, renting equipment is the most cost effective and time conscious way to do your project and do it right. This knowledge comes from the council of not one, but many landscape contractors who have utilized Compact Power Equipment Rental for their equipment needs.

Want to know what equipment is available at your local Compact Power Equipment Rental? Visittheir site to see equipment and  pricing, and to see if they are located at The Home Depot near you. Make sure to take note of their seasonal “Rent 3, get 4 days free” specials. Finding deals like this will also significantly cut costs for your project budget as you gear up for the 2013 spring season. 

Have you ever rented heavy equipment before? If so, what was your experience like? Answer in the comments.


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