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Which Ditch Witch Trencher Will Work Best for the Job?

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on January 27, 2014


Do you need to rent a ditch witch trencher to complete an outdoor project? Whether you've used one before or not, it's best to have a basic understanding of the different types so that you get the right one for your needs. Being equipped with knowledge can not only result in a successful project, but it can make the difference in how smooth the process goes. Learn about the various factors to consider when deciding on a trencher rental. 

What to Consider When Renting a Ditch Witch Trencher

Type - While there are many types of trenchers available for rent, you can basically narrow them down by ride-on or walk-behind types. Ride-on types can dig deeper but require more horsepower, typically between 18 to 116 HP versus the 6 to 23 HP range found with walk-behind types. 

Size - If you're digging in a tighter area, a walk-behind trencher may be best for your needs. Many smaller trenchers will fit through a 36-inch wide area. If you have a lot of open space to clear, a ride-on trencher is likely a better option. 

Digging requirements - Figure out how deep and wide you need to dig before renting a trencher. Walk-behind types can usually dig between one to four feet deep and three to 16 inches wide. Smaller ride-on trenchers can dig up to four feet deep and one foot wide, but some heavy-duty types can go up to six feet deep and 16 inches wide. 

Mechanical or hydrostatic drive - Hydrostatic drive trenchers experience fewer problems since they have less moving parts than mechanical ones. 

Backfill blade - If you opt for a trencher with a backfill blade, you'll be able to fill the ditch when you need to. 

Wheels or tracks - You'll find most trenchers utilize wheels to operate, but there are some that are made with tracks, which makes them tougher. 

Fuel source - In general, ride-on trenchers require diesel fuel to function, whereas walk-behind trenchers use regular gasoline. 

Need to rent equipment like a Ditch Witch trencher to get your project done? Please contact us at Compact Power Equipment Rental today. 

Image via Shutterstock.com

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