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When the Snow Starts to Fall, Take the Work Indoors

Posted by: Erika Green on January 18, 2019


Winter months bring on a slew of unpredictable weather conditions that can make working outdoors not entirely ideal – in terms of both safety and comfort. While snow and ice can make operating certain heavy equipment dangerous, the cold temperatures and wind chill can make it difficult for you to operate the machinery comfortably. The solution? Stay indoors! This time of the year is the perfect time to increase your revenue and focus on interior jobs that your team is skilled in doing.

Facility maintenance

From floor repairs to paint touch-ups to plumbing fixes, interior work is just as important to the stability and aesthetic of a building as outdoor exertions. No matter what job your team is tasked with tackling, The Home Depot Rental is prepared with the equipment you need.

  • From installation to polishing, flooring jobs are varied and in demand. Not only does floor maintenance keep floors spick and span, it ensures slip-resistance to better reduce accidents and injuries and thus decreasing the liability of building owners.
    • For installation, stripping and other floor care; tool rentals are available here.
    • For all of your floor cleaning necessities; cleaners, extractors, and more are available here.
  • From quick touch-ups to professional finishes, interior painting is another job easily saved for those harsh winter months.
    • Find paint application tools like paint and texture sprayers, perfect for making any small or medium project almost effortless.
    • For paint work above your reach, scaffolding and ladder options are also available for rent.
  • Pipes can be finnicky, which is why companies are always looking for skilled professionals to provide regular maintenance and solve any potential issues.
    • No matter how small or big the job, we have drain cleaners of all sizes and cameras for targeting exactly where the problem is, among other pipe tools you may need.
    • Should you be hired for the unfortunate occasion of indoor winter flooding as a result of rapid snow melt or winter rains, rent a gas trash pump to dewater the facility.

Commercial building insulation

You may be hired to install commercial building insulation for several reasons like acoustic regulation, moisture and mold prevention or temperature control. Despite the reason for the job, installing building insulation may require the use of heavy equipment like our Genie scissor lift or JLG scissor lift, so make sure you’re prepared with the right equipment from us before getting to work.

Along with our rentals, we have tools and operating tips available online or at our rental center that will make any of your indoor winter jobs as convenient as possible.

Ready to rent one of our available machines? Start the convenient online process now.

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