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What exactly is a skid steer and what is used for?

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on September 5, 2013


Common mistake....  Skid steers are wheeled.  When people talk about a skid steer, they usually mean a compact track loader.  When people say Bobcat rental, they usually mean they want either a skid steer, or a compact track loader, regardless the brand.  To keep it simple, we are going to refer to the family of loaders, both large and small as skid steers.

Skid steer loaders are one of the more versatile pieces of equipment available. The specific uses for a skid steer depend on the size of the machine and the attachments you equip it with. Skid steers come an array of sizes and varities including: Mini Skid Steers skid steers, and compact track loaders. Each with unique capabilities and applications depending on the task at hand.

Mini Skid Steer  / Compact Utility Loader (approx. 2200 lbs)

Common Uses: landscaping, property improvement, minor demolition, moving materials, cleaning stalls,  building and site development, trenching, leveling, post hole digging

Because of its compact size, the mini skid steer, AKA compact utility loaderAKA Dingo is ideal for smaller job sites where access is limited. The relatively light weight of the mini skid is also favorable for landscaping jobs because it is able to maneuver around on sensitive turf-grass with less damage to established turf. For specialized tasks, such as trenching and leveling, you will need to rent a mini skid steer system package with attachments, such as the Boxer 320 hydraulic package.   

Skid Steer  / Compact Track Loader (approx. 3600 - 7000 lbs)

Common Uses: construction, materials management and spreadking,  debris removal,  transportation of heavy materials, light grading and leveling, site prep or landscape installation

Within a construction site, the skid steer will typically be the machine responsible for the heavy lifting and transportation tasks. It is also an amazing tool for debris removal on site because of its manuverability and lifting capacity. This makes them the optimal machine for construction and landscape sites where manuverability and accesibility are key factors to getting the job done.

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