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Warm Weather Watch-Outs

Posted by: Erika Green on August 8, 2019 copy.png

You’ve waited all year to start your summer DIY project list. The warm weather opens the door to spending more time outside and tackling as many projects as possible. But the heat has drawbacks, too. So, before you roll up your sleeves and get to it, The Home Depot Rental has some suggestions to consider.

Maximize working time when the sun isn’t out

While it might be tempting to work in the sun all day long during this time of year, sometimes it’s better not to. Instead, try taking advantage of the hours before the sun is really out. Plan ahead by looking into local weather trends and sunrise time. By doing so, you’ll wake up and start a little earlier but won’t wear yourself out working when the sun is at its fiercest.

Still think you need to work during peak hours? We get it but remember: water, sunscreen and breaks are going to make things much easier. Physical labor is taxing (even though it doesn’t always feel that way) so plan appropriately.

Focus on efficiency

The Home Depot Rental has lots of options when it comes to large equipment and small tools. But did you know some of our large equipment rentals actually come with air conditioning built into the cab? Take our Bobcat T450 skid steer as an example. Not only is it perfect for working in the summer heat, but it’s a great alternative to manual labor and can help decrease working time and strain.

Once you’ve got your large equipment rental, be sure to visit the Home Depot retail store to grab all the other materials you may need. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all things DIY.

Know when it’s the right time to ask for help

Even the projects you’re used to doing can require a little extra help sometimes. That’s why building partnerships with professional contractors is a great thing to do if you haven’t already. Taking on as much of the work as you can saves time, energy and money. But, with some projects – particularly larger endeavors – having the backing of a Pro ensures you’re getting quality work and a solid foundation to continue DIYing.

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