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Two Lawn Tips for a Great Fall: Aerating and Reseeding

Posted by: Erika Green on August 23, 2019

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An aerated lawn is a happy lawn. To maintain healthy and full grass this fall, aerating and reseeding should top your to-do list. Fortunately for many DIYers, these projects can be easily accomplished with the help of tools and equipment from The Home Depot® Rental.

What is aeration and why is it important?

Aeration breaks up compacted soil by poking holes in the ground to allow proper oxygen, nutrient and water flow. If your lawn gets a lot of action during the summer months – running, stomping, renovations, etc. – it’s probably a good candidate for aeration. (Growing Lawns)

When should you aerate?

Typically, you will want to aerate in the fall or spring, right before the weather gets cold or right after the ground thaws. You’ll know when your lawn needs that attention – the soil can feel dry or have excessive amounts of dead grass and debris – otherwise known as thatch.

To know if you have a thatch problem, remove the top 4 inches of your lawn with a shovel. If the thatch layer is greater than a half inch, aeration is recommended to stop the thatch from spreading. (Bob Vila)

How to DIY this

To achieve the best results, you need the right tools and equipment.

Available for rent at The Home Depot Rental, we have the Classen ride-on aerator in select locations for any size lawn. We also offer walk-behind and towable aerators, as well as power rakes for serious dethatching. Before you begin, make sure you read through the operations manual and safety instructions that comes with the rental.

You want to make multiple passes with your aerator before reseeding or fertilizing the area for the best results. Fertilizing will help deliver nutrients to the newly exposed grass roots and should be performed within two days after aerating. To do this, rent one of our Classen overseeders. This tool will help evenly distribute seeds and fertilizer and ultimately save you time.

Ready to get started? Visit one of our convenient locations today.

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