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Tree Trimming and Pruning -- What to Get Done Before Winter Hits

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on November 11, 2013


When performing tree trimming and pruning, timing is very important. While it may be a natural tendency to trim and prune as a part of early fall maintenance, waiting for cooler weather is better for your plants.

Tree trimming too early in the season can leave your plants more susceptible to fungal issues. Additionally, pruning too early can result in new foliage growing that will be damaged by the cooler temperatures which are right around the corner.


Once your trees have gone dormant, typically during late October and November, follow these guidelines:

  1. After the leaves have dropped, take the opportunity to fully inspect the trunk and branches for damage and insect problems. Using the tree’s natural structure as a guide, start trimming and pruning your trees and plants for your desired results.

  2. Evergreens should be trimmed while they're dormant as well. The fast growth during the spring may cover issues that are caused by the pruning process.

  3. If you have plans to relocate a tree next spring, October to November is a great time to prune. This process spurs new growth and can help the tree once it’s moved to its new location.

  4. While it's best to wait for plants to go dormant, there is one exception. Damaged, diseased or dying limbs should be removed immediately.

  5. Boom lifts are the optimal tool for tree trimming and chipper shredders make it easy to turn those limbs into useful mulch. 

  6. Before you use the rented equipment, make sure to read over the manufacturer's recommendations for operation for the model you're using, whether it's the Altec DC610, Altec 12, the Praxis 6-inch chipper, or another unit. 

Many outdoor maintanence tasks can be performed using the boom lift. You can pressure wash your whole house and even replace a few shingles while you're at it. With week long and month long rentals, you can ensure enough time to complete all of them before the snow falls. Right now, you can even get the rest of the week free (an extra 4 days) when you rent for 3 days at Compact Power Equipment Rental.  

If you're planning tree trimming and pruning and need proper aerial equipment, contact Compact Power Equipment Rental. We're conveniently located in more than 900 locations across North America, offering both short-term and long-term rentals for all your landscaping and home improvement needs.

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