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TLB: The Ultimate Property Improvement Machine

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on July 1, 2016


Whether you call it a tractor loader backhoe, backhoe loader, or simply backhoe, a TLB  is one of the most versatile and useful tools in any DIY or contractor’s arsenal. Manageably sized TLBs such as the Kubota BX25 have truly opened up the landscaping and home project opportunities.

What exactly is a TLB capable of?

The Kubota BX25 features a loader with a width of 48 inches and is capable of lifting 518 pounds! This small yet incredibly powerful tool is perfect for maneuvering heavy stones for a walkway, mulch for landscaping, or any other building material being used in a project. The backhoe can be used for planting, efficiently moving material, and minor excavation projects with it’s 6 foot digging capability. For more specifications, click here.

Project Ideas 

1. Install a Stone Pathway

Want to give your yard a pick me up? How about installing a new stone pathway! This is a perfect project to utilize a backhoe for digging, leveling, and transporting the materials. Be sure to know the functionality of your pathway before digging and follow our how-to guide.

2. Prevent yard flooding with a French drain

Summer rains can lead to flooding and without proper drainage, your yard could pay the price. If pooling water is an issue, try installing a French drain. Be sure to plan out your project and call 811 before you break soil. Renting the Kubota BX25 can make quick work of the digging. For a more detailed project system, head over to our step-by-step post.

The options for TLB uses are limitless. The Kubota BX25 is very versatile and user friendly. It's also easy to rent from your local The Home Depot® Rental and available on a schedule that fits your needs. Have any questions about TLBs? Let us know!

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