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Tips and Tricks for Your First DIY Project

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on June 27, 2015


Getting started on your first DIY project? If you’re looking for answers on where to begin and how to plan, we have them here.

It’s best to start with smaller projects – ones that can be completed in a day or weekend. We have several suggestions for projects that can be completed in various timeframes. Work your way up.

Do your research. Blogs are a great place to find instructions for your project as well as tips and tricks from others who have completed it already. There is more information available now than ever before – take advantage of these readily available sources. 

Assess your tools and supplies. Nothing will slow your progress, or steal your confidence, like starting a project and realizing halfway through that you can’t finish with the supplies on hand. Ensure that you’ll be able to start, and complete, your project uninterrupted by taking inventory of what you’ll need. 

If you do need tools or supplies, equipment rentals provide a great alternative to purchasing costly equipment that you may only need for a project or two.

Here are a few tips and tricks for renting from Compact Power for the first time: 

  • Find a location convenient to you. We are located in The Home Depot and offer extended rental equipment hours. 
  • Determine which of our rental options works best for your project. We offer 4 hour, daily, weekly, and monthly rentals.
  • Plan ahead. While equipment rentals occur on a “first come, first serve” basis, you can call your local rental equipment store to check equipment availability. You can also check our website for equipment and pricing beforehand.  
  • Tow it away, or have it delivered to your jobsite. Onsite delivery is available in select markets, but all of our equipment is already loaded onto a trailer for no additional cost. Most of our equipment can be towed behind a ½ ton truck or equivalent sports utility vehicle. Some machines require a ¾ ton truck or sports utility vehicle. 

 Are you ready to tackle your first DIY project? Get started today! 

CPER DIY Infographic CTA

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