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The Home Depot Skid Steer Rental: A Jack-of-all-Trades

Posted by: on January 9, 2014


Skid steers are among the most useful pieces of equipment available to contractors and homeowners alike. This equipment has many uses and can work in spaces where larger pieces of equipment can't go. It works for big projects and small ones alike.

Here are a few of the odd jobs that skid steers work well on:

Preparing a site

Do you need to get a site ready for landscaping or are you adding another building to your property? You can use a skid steer to move the earth and grade the site.

Move heavy materials

If you're doing a large landscaping or home renovation project, you may need to move materials from one spot to another. A skid steer can help with this process.

Irrigation Installation

Water can be a problem if not managed properly. You can use a skid steer to build a French drain to remedy irrigation issues.

Clear a yard before sodding

If your yard is full of weeds, sodding is a great option for getting it back into shape. A skid steer can skim off the current grass and weeds to prepare the yard for the new sod.

Do the heavy digging during a landscaping project

Digging koi ponds or holes for big trees is backbreaking and takes too much time. A skid steer can do the job quickly and effectively.

This is just a sample of the kinds of jobs that the Jack-of-all-trades skid steer can handle. Of course, if you don't need a skid steer all the time, you can always opt for a Home Depot skid steer rental. Use the skid steer for the time you need without buying one.


If you need a skid steer to finish that big project, contact us at Compact Power Equipment Rental. We offer skid steer rentals in you local Home Depot store. Be sure to check out our special rates and pricing when you reserve your equipment!

Image via Shutterstock.com

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