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Tackling a DIY Home Addition or Construction? Rent a Backhoe

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on June 10, 2014


Most home addition or construction jobs will require a significant amount of digging, trenching and material hauling. The do-it-yourselfer should be particularly aware that the efficiency, timeframe and overall effectiveness of the project will be substantially affected by how well and how quickly digging and hauling can be accomplished. Using a shovel or other manual method is hard, backbreaking, ultimately inefficient labor. Smaller trenching or digging machines may help, but they still might not be big enough for the job. For a DIY home addition or construction job of any significant size, a backhoe is a perfect combination of efficiency and effectiveness. 

Before starting your project, look into backhoe rental to ensure you have the right piece of equipment for the job.

A backhoe is designed specifically for digging, trenching and moving dirt and other construction material. A basic backhoe consists of three interconnected components:

  1. The tractor body that provides mobility for the machine, offers shelter for the driver and houses the controls for the other two main components. The wheeled body makes a backhoe extremely mobile.
  2. The front-loader bucket at the front end of the machine. This loader can be used to pick up and move dirt, sand, broken building materials or other items. Heavy building supplies, such as multiple bags of concrete, could also be stacked into the front loader for easy transportation around the construction site.
  3. The backhoe itself is a smaller, deeper digging bucket attached to an articulated arm that can be manipulated by the driver to provide precise digging, trenching or earth moving. The bucket usually has a sharp front edge or prong-like teeth that aid in breaking up soil, knocking down walls or shearing through flooring or concrete.

Backhoes are versatile and easy to manipulate into relatively tight locations. For this reason, they're preferable to bulldozers or other heavy equipment. They're also lighter and less likely to extensively disturb the soil around your home or cause problems with any buried infrastructure.

Get in touch with Compact Power Equipment Rental today for expert help with digging and trenching equipment, including backhoe rental.

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