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Synthetic vs Natural Mulch: Making the Choice with Altec Chipper Shredders

Posted by: Samuel Hirschfield on October 12, 2015

synthetic mulch and natural mulch.jpg

While there are many different types of mulch, it can ultimately be divided into two buckets – natural, or organic material, and synthetic, or manmade material.

All mulch offers benefits – reducing weeds, retaining moisture, minimizing erosion and enhancing the beauty of your yard. There are, however, differences, benefits and drawbacks to both natural and synthetic mulch.

Natural Mulch:

Increases the health of your soil by adding nutrients and strengthening soil quality as it decomposes over time
Provides increased moisture retention and water-holding capacity of soil
Provides an ideal environment for certain insects and organisms, such as earthworms, that are beneficial to plant growth

Mulch does need to be replaced as it decomposes and settles over time. Wood mulch is a good middle ground, as it decomposes more slowly than other types of natural mulch – making it longer-lasting and more cost effective

Synthetic Mulch:

Keeps soil warmer. If you’re looking only to warm your soil or give plants an early start, this can be the route to take
Does not attract insects that can be problematic around certain trees or plants. This is especially beneficial for plants or trees prone to damage by certain bugs

Does not decompose, meaning it must eventually be thrown away
Many types of synthetic mulch do not allow water to get through. It must have holes punched into it, or an irrigation system or soaker hose in place, to ensure it’s watered properly

One of the biggest benefits of natural, wood chip mulch is your ability to produce it yourself. Altec offers a variety of chippers to fit your needs – and provide mulch from unwanted trees, limbs or brush already on your property.

Check out the Altec chippers offered by Compact Power Equipment Rental – and start seeing the benefits of natural mulch for yourself! 

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