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Spring Cleaning with Altec

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on June 15, 2015


As spring moves into summer, gardening may be moving to the top of your to-do list. Clear out those unused garden beds by running stray leaves, branches, limbs and other yard waste materials through a chipper shredder.

Creating your own mulch from cleared out yard waste not only saves you the trouble of bagging or disposing of those stray limbs and branches, but it enhances the look of your newly planted garden beds.

Benefits of mulch include:

  • Smothers weeds
  • Conserves moisture enabling you to water less often
  • Alleviates heat stress in summer and provides warmth in winter
  • Helps eliminate erosion
  • Prevents soil compaction
  • Improves soil structure

Consider the process of collecting yard waste or mulching fallen trees to be an investment towards your sense of freedom this summer. The time spent cleaning the yard clutter and converting to mulch will have a longer lasting effect than a typical yard project such as mowing and weed removal.

Benefits of mulch can assist in plant growth and decrease maintenance of vegetable and flower gardens. As an extra level of weed prevention and water retention, you can lay a thin layer of newspaper below your mulch layer. One or two sheets thick is sufficient. The newspaper will decompose naturally but will act as a strong barrier for unwanted growth.

To help you in getting started cleaning and mulching today, Compact Power offers several chipper/shredders from Altec, including the 6-inch chipper/shredder.

The Altec DC 610 6 in Chipper comes included with a number of features that make even the mulching part of this job an easier task. The electronic feed control feature makes loading debris possible from a further distance of the blades. The ground access for shoot control allows the user to pile the outputted mulch from aiming the chute as if steering a periscope.

What ways have you repurposed yard material while spring cleaning? 

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