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Spring Cleaning for your Yard

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 1, 2015


With the season officially underway, don’t neglect your yard as part of your annual spring cleaning routine. Overgrown ivy, vines, briars and bushes not only take away from the aesthetic appeal of your yard, but they can cause structural damage over time to your home’s exterior.

brush cutter can take a lengthy manual removal process down to a weekend chore. It’s an ideal choice for areas where a skid steer or tractor would be too large, but smaller, more manual landscape equipment wouldn’t have enough power.

With the ability to clear large areas of your yard or even along a fence line, the brush cutter also maintains the precision needed for path or trail clearing, if you’d like to keep more natural growth areas in your landscape. Either way, these tips will help you get started: 

  • Work in sections from front-to-back
  • Cut and remove tangled greenery as you go
  • Rock the cutter on its back tracks, as if doing a wheelie
  • Drop the rotating blades on top of overgrown brush

Whether you have overgrown foliage, thick or woody grasses, underbrush, or trees and saplings up to 1" diameter, the versatility of a brush cutter can help you go from cluttered to clear.

What landscape projects have you tackled to get your yard ready for spring?

Tags: DIY, spring, spring cleaning, yard, yard cleaning, brush cutter, skid steer, equipment rental, landscape project, landscaping