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Solve Winter Plumbing Challenges

Posted by: Erika Green on December 5, 2016

Boxer 120 Trencher WB.jpg

Along with frigid mornings and snowstorms, winter can also bring unexpected home repairs. Pipes that were fine during the warmer months all of a sudden need a little extra care. And, if you’re not careful, settlement in cracked pipes can cause back up in your basement and garage or worse, the main line could burst. So, what do you do if your main water line needs replaced?

Terex Equipment


  • Call 811 to get your bearings on utility lines on your property. Make sure they’re far from the damage to limit the risk to you and your home.
  • While repairing a main water line can be done by an experienced DIYer, this is a great project to collaborate on with a seasoned professional. Plus, tackling this together will help keep repairs on budget. While the Pro may need to do the extent of the work, you can manage cost and time by doing digging and excavation yourself.
  • To do this, research the equipment you need in advance. The Home Depot Rental has several machines that are great for this project. The Boxer 120 Trencher is ideal for shallow digging or the Terex TC20 Excavator can be used for a larger, more intense job. Keep in mind some jobs require extensive digging, which should be left up to Pros for safety reasons. But, if you can safely dig yourself, renting the equipment will make the most of your available budget.
  • Once the prep work is done, but before you start digging, make sure the water is turned off so you can proceed safely and replace the decaying parts.
  • Use the equipment to dig down to the line, and then pivot to a professional who will safely remove the cracked piping and replace.
  • Once the plumbing is repaired by a Pro, fill the top level back in (either with dirt and grass or concrete depending on location.)

Repairing your main water line is typically an unforeseen project, which equates to an unplanned expense. But, the good news is, The Home Depot Rental can help you get back on track. With the right equipment, and the right team, you can rent the heavy equipment you need to get the job done.

Tags: DIY, Boxer, Terex, replacing water lines