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Snow Removal on Your To-Do List? Use a Skid Steer for an Easier Job

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on February 10, 2014

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During the colder months of the year, the amount of construction and landscape design projects usually takes a big dip. While you probably think of using a skid steer as a smart choice to clear and refill land, its capabilities extend beyond that. Using a skid steer for snow removal makes getting an otherwise backbreaking and tedious job much easier and faster to do. Learn how you can use one of these mighty machines to your advantage today.

Using a Skid Steer for Snow Removal

A skid steer is capable of lifting thousands of pounds of material at once, and snow is included. Because they can be easily maneuvered through various terrains, creating level pathways through snow isn't a problem. So why spend hours of your time strenuously shoveling through such tough elements when a skid steer can do it for you?

Some basic features of skid steers include: 

  • They're tough enough to be able to take on both residential and commercial projects.
  • The controls are user-friendly. 
  • Driving a skid steer is easier on your back than shoveling snow. 
  • They're very maneuverable.
  • They can cut through packed in snow, making pathways that are smooth and level.

Renting a Skid Steer

In general, you have to run a pretty big landscaping or construction company to justify the cost of buying your own heavy equipment. For most people the most financially wise option is to rent a skid steer. Going this route allows you access to professional grade equipment whenever you're in need, for as long as you need—whether that's only a for a few hours or for several weeks.

Equipment is loaded and ready to go for you on a trailer. And Compact Power Equipment Rental offers discounted rates. You can keep a rental for one week at the rate of three days.

Do you need to rent a skid steer for snow removal on your property? Please feel free to contact us at Compact Power Equipment Rental anytime.

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