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Short-term Jobs Call for Renting Equipment

Posted by: Erika Green on September 19, 2019


Everyone faces the question at some point during their lifetime: “should I rent or buy?” In most cases, this question refers to property ownership (including a place to call home) or maybe even a car purchase. But when we hear that question, we think about things a little differently. And Pro contractors usually do, too.

When a new job or new client comes up, you have to determine what resources you need from a large equipment, small tool, truck or trailer perspective to complete it. Similar to owning a home or buying a car, there are benefits to owning equipment but in some cases, you may find renting to be just more convenient. 

Let’s consider an installation job as an example. Your team has been asked to build an irrigation system – a job they have experience in – but something you only take on two or three times a year. You know you’ll need a 36-in. trencher and two days’ time, so there’s really no point in putting one on credit.

Instead, you rent from our line of trenchers. And since all jobs are different, you have 24-, 36- or 48-in. options that can be delivered to the jobsite to accommodate your schedule.

The bottom line: Because it was a short-term job, you saved money and time by renting. Typically, renting equipment and tools for jobs that you don’t do very often is much more cost effective than the alternative. It also gives you the opportunity to not have to worry about maintaining and storing equipment that you’ll hardly ever use. It’s all about assessing and evaluating the situation you’re in and asking yourself the right questions.

So, if you’re preparing for a job that requires equipment you just don’t need to purchase outright, rent it from The Home Depot Rental. We’re your one-stop shop for everything you need to get the job done.

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