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Removing Shrubs May Be Easier Than You Think With the Right Equipment

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 30, 2014


Removing shrubs is sometimes necessary when the plant has grown out of control and is encroaching on other landscaping or a nearby structure. Sometimes, the shrub is just no longer aesthetically acceptable and needs to be removed and replaced by a more suitable alternative. While companies that remove trees and tree stumps will often remove large shrubs too, the cost can be substantial. With the options available at your local equipment rental center and a little DIY effort, removing shrubs is within the abilities of most average homeowners.

Here are some basic guidelines for removing shrubs:

  • Make sure no gas lines or water supply lines are located beneath or immediately adjacent to the shrub.
  • Rent a tree trimmer or chainsaw and cut the shrub down, starting at the top and progressing to ground level. After cutting, a mulcher from your equipment rental center can save you a lot of labor and reduce the limbs to a mulch to make them manageable for disposal or other landscaping uses.
  • Using a shovel, dig around the root ball of the shrub and remove enough soil to loosen the root ball as much as possible.
  • If you own a lawn tractor, back it up to the site of the shrub. If not, rent a small skid steer. Wrap a chain or tow strap around the exposed root ball and attach the chain to the tow hitch on the tractor.  
  • Slowly pull the tractor forward to remove slack from the chain. Pull the root ball partially from the ground, then stop. Using the shovel, remove more soil from around and below the roots.
  • Resume slowly pulling the root ball with the tractor until it's extracted. If it resists removal, stop and dig more soil away with the shovel.
  • After the root ball is extracted, fill the hole with topsoil. If you’re planning to plant new landscape in place of the shrub, rent a roto-tiller and thoroughly work up the soil first. 

Contact the professionals at Compact Power Equipment Rental for more advice about equipment for removing shrubs.

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