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Quality Equipment for Any Jobsite

Posted by: Erika Green on September 8, 2017


Thanks to heavy equipment, jobs that would have taken an indefinite amount of time can now be done in a matter of hours. Take a chipper shredder or aerial equipment for example. These machines are easy to use, reliable and are built to handle as much versatility on the jobsite as you can throw at them. Here are three ways our equipment makes jobs just more convenient:

Brush Disposal

Odds are you’ve been hired to clear unsightly undergrowth, small trees and bushes, but don’t want to spend a ton of time on this.

To cut back on hours and manpower, use a chipper shredder to dispose of unwanted debris. We offer only the most trusted brands like Altec and Vermeer that are guaranteed to get the job done efficiently. Our chipper shredders offer world-class features – from a controlled, wide infeed chute to a 360° swivel discharge – that make them easy to transport and operate.

Trimming Trees

Untamed trees can be dangerous so keeping trees groomed is a must.

Trimming trees can be difficult and time-consuming based upon the type of tree, its size and age. But by using one of our boom lifts, you can get more work done in half the time. We have a variety of machines to choose from, including lifts with platforms that can reach up to 50 feet, that are a perfect choice for your next jobsite.

Whether it’s a one-time pruning project or a longer-term job, renting aerial equipment is often a better choice for contractors – and we have rental options to fit your business needs.

Creating Boiler Fuel

Many eco-savvy homeowners are opting to use a wood chip boiler to heat their homes. Although the price of wood fuel can vary, there’s nothing cheaper than using the wood from one’s back yard or what’s left over from another job.

If you’re asked by a customer to create wood chips this fall, go with the obvious choice: using a chipper shredder to create the end product. If tree branches are more like trunks, rent a larger model like a 12-inch chipper shredder with a height-adjustable chute to make this job easier. Trust us, this piece of equipment will make this job just more convenient.

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