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Professional Landscaping: Cultivate Client Relationships Year-Round

Posted by: Catherine Whittaker on November 9, 2015


Many people view winter as a time to put their landscaping work on hold. After checking aerating off the fall to-do list, clients may wait until warmer months to enlist professional landscape services again.

However, with a little information and planning, you can make this dormant time of year a beneficial one for your clients – and your landscaping company. Encourage your clients to view winter as a time to focus on the three P’s:


Dormancy provides an excellent opportunity for hard pruning and trimming trees and plants. However, different plant varieties have different time periods for optimal pruning. Encourage your clients to leave this task to professionals who are knowledgeable about these timelines. This will ensure beautiful blooms once warmer weather comes back around.


Clients may underestimate the time it takes to plan for and complete a large-scale landscaping project. The time to begin planning to install a new pool, for example, is not when pool weather hits. Advise your clients to think about how they’d like their yard to look and function next season once the winter months begin.


Who says that winter months need to mean a barren yard? Nothing looks nicer for holiday parties and cozy entertaining than a beautiful winter landscape. There are actually many varieties of plants that can thrive in cooler temperatures. From Bayberry to Holly shrubs, recommend different varieties for your clients to make their yard a seasonal wonderland!

Last, but certainly not least, planning and planting combine when thinking about certain spring flowers, trees and ornamental grasses. Many spring bulbs actually need to be planted in early December, while some trees and ornamental grasses also thrive when planted in late winter months. All of this, of course, is dependent upon location among other variables. Encourage your clients to take advantage of your professional knowledge.

In the end, extending a client relationship through colder months not only benefits your business and your relationship – but the results will be seen in their yards all year long.

Remember, no matter what time of year, Compact Power is available to help with all your rental equipment needs

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