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Professional Drain Cleaner Rentals for Winter Plumbing

Posted by: Erika Green on February 13, 2020

Q4 04-409 Rental_25ft_Drill_Drain_Cleaner_Pro_A_02.jpg

When the temperature drops, the risk of plumbing issues increases drastically. While much of that can be attributed to the weather itself, seasonal events – such as homeowners hosting viewing parties for their favorite sports teams – are also to blame.

As homes fill up with friends and family, a pipe can become clogged quite easily. Combined with the potential for frozen and burst pipes due to inclement weather and it’s looking like it’s going to be a busy season for plumbers. Commercial properties and municipalities also have to think about frozen or bursting pipes and water main breaks but in a much more preventative lens. These issues can potentially impact businesses and communities, so they need to implement measures to help ensure no problems arise.

So, The Home Depot Rental is here to outfit plumbing crews such as yours with professional drain cleaner tool rentals that can tackle both residential and commercial plumbing needs. 

Drain Snake Rental for Clogged Drains and Burst Pipes

Sports viewing party season is rough on residential plumbing. Extensive cooking means more fatty substances, grease and food make their way down garbage disposals and drains, potentially causing clogs or a slow drain. Your crew is probably outfitted with the tools they need this season, but sometimes equipment is scarce among teams or things break. For those instances, we carry an extensive selection of small, medium and large drain snake rentals. Our small models include toilet augers and drain cleaners that are perfect for small drain lines in household kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Drain Cleaner Tool for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Our medium-sized drain cleaners are versatile, yet efficient. Manual and electric drain clog remover machines can reach from 50 to 75 feet through 3- to 4-inch wide pipes, gutters and downspouts. For full specifications on these models, view the individual operations manuals or speak to an associate for more information.

Commercial Drain Snakes and Drain Cleaner Rentals

In addition to household plumbing, frozen pipes and water main breaks in commercially-owned buildings are even more prominent this season and will need immediate attention. That’s why The Home Depot Rental carries large professional drain cleaners that are more heavy-duty than the residential models. These units are able to remove tree roots that are clogging main plumbing lines.

When frozen pipes burst in and outside of a home or business, the mess that follows can be devastating. So, along with a professional drain cleaner, it’s convenient to be able to rent a few water pumps for clearing out residences, office buildings and more. In addition to renting a water pump for extensive water damage, consider a blower and dehumidifier rental to help dry out spaces faster with better results.

When water mains and pipes burst in exterior areas, rock salt is also a critical part of your crew both for protecting workers and the public from ice-covered surfaces. Stock up at The Home Depot.

Identify Plumbing Concerns with Drain Cameras

It’s also important for plumbing crews to locate problem areas in order to recommend the best solution to customers. Our drain camera rental is a great piece of technology taking the guess work out of plumbing concerns. The steel-housed color camera and 5.4-inch LCD monitor displays a clear picture for optimal visualization.

When your crew is spread thin this winter, The Home Depot Rental can supplement your team’s equipment with professional drain cleaner rentals that take on clogged drains, burst pipes and water mains so you can get the job done and get back to your own sports viewing party.

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