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Paver Patio vs Wooden Deck: Which is right for you?

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on March 22, 2013


The difference between a concrete paver and a wood deck is mainly found in the cost and cosmetic appeal. If you want a deck, you want a deck. A paver patio will not achieve that look for you. Fortunately, the decreased cost of a paver patio is not reflected in a compromised design. Paver patios can still provide a tasteful, elegant, modern appeal for the otherwise "standard" backyard, transforming a space into a sanctuary.

Paver patios also offer many liberties in design. When building a paver patio, you have the option to build in features like a fire pit, additional seating, and creative layouts that a deck would not be able to accomplish. Consequently, space is also better maximized as a result of these freedoms. There is no lack of variability when choosing building materials, either.

Worried about upkeep? You will worry much less if you chose to install a paver patio. A regular garden hose will keep your patio practically pristine. In contrast to the maintenance requirements of wood, a paver patio is no matter at all. In the long term, however, paver patios may require additional leveling (thankfully this can be easily remedied with a Skid Steer). Proper irrigation is key to avoiding this issue, as well as many other troublesome byproducts that result from poor drainage. Irrigation lines can be installed with little fuss with the use of a trencher.

So, if you are in the market for an outdoor patio, the pros outweigh the cons when comparing paver patios to wooden decks. It really comes down to preference and budget, and which side of the sand-drawn line you fall on in this age old debate. 

Why are you looking to install a paver patio? Let us know in the comments so we can provide you with the proper equipment and ideas for the job.

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