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Modern Landscaping: 4 Design Tips

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 3, 2013


1. Shape it up. Clean lines are an element of design that is most evident in modern contemporary works of art. Simple, sharp, clean angles create an environment of peace and order that is most attractive compared to the chaos of everyday life. It's no wonder why contemporary landscaping is so in right now! Shapes help to define a space and can be used to personalize your canvas. Laying your whimsical walkway is a practical first step in your garden redsign. A skid steer will help you to grade and level your canvas so you can begin your work of art.

2. Make it rain. No, we're not talking about irrigation. Water features can instantly transform a vacant landscape by creating a unique focal point. The sounds of flowing water have also been linked to stress reduction and deeper sleep, making water features the perfect installation for creating your modern outdoor sanctuary. 

3. Color it in. Once you've laid out a plan and given your modern lawn defined shapes, you'll want to consider a color scheme. One easy trick involves working with what you already have by making your greens greener. A vibrant, healthy, groomed grass is essential. A patchy looking lawn can be fixed with an aerator seeder which will sow new seeds into your grass while aerating it to promote growth. Implementing your color scheme can be simple with the clever arranging of some perennials, just don't get too crazy. Sometimes, less is more. Installing a few well trimmed trees around the perimeter of your new garden will add privacy to and shade to your eclectic space. For this task, you need only aquire an excavator.© Image Credit

4. KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. Avoid incorporating an abundance of busy, segmented patterns. The idea is to have few large shapes to guide the flow of your design. A bunch of little shapes put together in many places will detract from that and ultimately complicate what is intended to be simple. When working within the confines of contemporary design, remember to KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid.

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For more guidence on budgeting and getting your project started, see this post on heavy equipment costs and capabilities. 

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