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Man vs. Machine

Posted by: Erika Green on March 21, 2017


Maybe you saw our post about Hand vs. Machine. Well, we’re taking this a step farther with man versus machine.

For even the most serious DIYers, there are limitations to projects they can do. Some tasks are too complicated, strenuous and demanding on our bodies to complete without heavy equipment. It’s an important distinction to make – when a job can be done manually versus when a machine is needed. To help you decide when to bring in equipment, we’ve put together a list of common improvement projects to see which should be “man” or machine.

Snow Removal

Clearing snow from your driveway and sidewalks is hard work, especially for folks who live in areas with heavy snowfall. Shovels and muscles don’t always cut it, so renting heavy equipment can help you get rid of the snow with less stress on you.

Here’s the thing, if you’ve gotten a light dusting of snow a shovel works. But if it’s blizzarding, renting a mini skid steer like the Toro Dingo TX427 cuts snow removal time in half.

So, should snow removal be man or machine? Verdict: Machine 

Basic Landscaping

If you live somewhere warm, your landscaping efforts never end. Whether it’s planting new shrubbery, cutting down tree branches, or leveling your property, the to-do list just keeps going. But figuring out if you need heavy equipment to do the job depends on the intensity of the project.

Not moving that much dirt and mulch? You can probably do it yourself with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Planning to cut down trees to clear out your property? Work with a Pro to do the heavy lifting then use a Toro stump grinder to finish the job. What about removing and replanting bushes around your home? You can do that on your own, too, with the right preparation.

So, should landscaping be man or machine? Verdict: Man

Digging a Trench

We talked about the best way to dig a trench in Hand vs. Machine. It’s a project that can be tricky (make sure you always call 811 first!) and requires skill to ensure it’s done right. Let’s consider the timeline for a project like this: digging a 6-foot trench with a shovel would take hours. And what if you need something bigger than that and you’re on a tight timeline? You’d better have a whole weekend, and good weather, to get this project done.

But if you use the right heavy equipment like a Toro TRX20 trencher you can easily get this done in an afternoon and have the rest of the weekend to relax.

So, should building a trench be man or machine? Verdict: Machine 

Every project is unique. You should do your research, plan ahead and contact experts like Compact Power Equipment Rental to help you make the best decision for your project. Remember, safety is always the top priority.

Tags: DIY, Toro, mini skid steer, trencher, stump grinder, outdoor projects