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Man vs. Machine Part III: How Long Will I Need My Rental?

Posted by: Erika Green on May 31, 2019


Do you suffer from F.O.U.R. – more commonly known as the Fear of Over or Under Renting? Well, you’re not alone. No one wants to rent small tools or large equipment only to learn they should have opted for a longer duration or a second piece of machinery – or realizing they could have finished things faster and more efficiently if they’d understood the full range of the tool’s or equipment’s capabilities. For DIYers, time may not be money but it doesn’t mean you want a project to drag on longer than necessary. Our recommendation? Focus on project planning and equipment rental from The Home Depot Rental to make things convenient and easy.

Rental options

Before starting your next DIY project, create a project plan and think through timing; from prep to active work and then completion. Next, put together a list of materials, large equipment, and small tools you’ll need for each phase. Once you have a high-level outline, use our online locator to figure out the closest rental center near you. Here are the most common timeframes we see our equipment rented:

  • Hourly – Rent equipment for a 4-hour period; ideal for quick projects that don’t require a ton of heavy lifting or strenuous activity.
  • Daily – Planning to work on a project this weekend? Perfect for a daily rental. When you visit our rental center, let one of our associates know you want your small tool or large equipment for a 24-hour period.
  • Weekly – This is a great option if you’re about to tackle a big project. Consider renting for a weekly period if you need to conduct planning, demolition and building in one fell swoop.
  • Monthly – If you’re partnering with a local contractor to complete your projects, don’t shy away from a monthly rental. Allowing for greater flexibility and value for your budget, this is the go-to option for large undertakings.

Equipment and tool types

We offer large equipment rentals across 10 categories, all of which can be found right in The Home Depot parking lot, as well as a well-stocked rental center filled with indoor, outdoor and power tools. What does that mean for you? It means you never have to sacrifice the quality of your project due to lack of proper equipment or tools. We continue to expand and reinvest in our product inventory to better serve our customers and constantly introduce new equipment and tools in a variety of sizes, makes and models.

So, as you get ready for your next DIY project, check out our inventory. Pop in and say hello to our team – they’re knowledgeable, helpful and committed to supporting you and your project needs. Need inspiration? We can help with that, too. See more here and here.

Completing the process

Once you’re clear on timing, you’re ready to rent. For small tools and large equipment, visit your local rental center that has what you need available and work with one of our associates to complete the process. After you receive an operations manual and brief overview, you’re all set to take it home and get started on DIYing!

You also have the option to request delivery of large equipment to your home to make the process more convenient. All it takes are four simple steps. Ready?

  1. Sign up
  2. Schedule
  3. Delivery
  4. Pick up

That’s it. Really.

Ready to rent? Start the convenient online process now.

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