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Man vs. Machine: Part II

Posted by: Erika Green on April 13, 2017


During the last installment of Man vs. Machine, we talked about whether renting heavy equipment for projects like snow removal, landscaping and digging a trench was the right choice. Now that spring’s here, there are some other projects that beg the same question.

Installing an Irrigation System

We all want the perfect lawn. But to get that lush, green look takes some work. And lots of digging.

To do this, you’ve got a couple options. If you enjoy working outside all day, digging with your shovel can be a great way to spend a Saturday. But, if you don’t have the whole weekend to spend on this project, rent a Boxer 120 trencher. This equipment will cut through tough soil and give your muscles a rest. Plus, you can focus on laying the irrigation pipes without worrying.

So, should installing an irrigation system be man or machine? Verdict: Machine

Building a Fence

If putting up a fence is on your to-do list this season, you’ve got to figure out the height, width and overall layout. And figuring out exactly what your fence should look like will impact the kind of tools and machinery you need.

Do you have a big yard and plan on secluding it all with a tall fence? Then it’s probably best to rent a Gehl skid steer to move excess dirt, transport materials and take the strain off. But if your yard isn’t that big, using the tools in your garage should do the trick.

So, should building a fence be man or machine? Verdict: Man

Digging Holes to Update the Yard

Digging is probably the toughest, most physical activity for a DIYer. But, it can be made easier with the right tools. Our Kubota mini excavators are reliable and do the heavy lifting for you with their front baskets and extensions that break through the terrain.

Before getting started, think through the intensity of the project. If you have to do minimal digging (like you’d do if you were planting a new flowerbed), you can probably get away with a shovel and same hand tools. But projects like installing a pool or gravel driveway will require a Kubota K008 excavator or a Bobcat S510 skid steer.

So, should digging holes be man or machine? Verdict: Machine

Remember, though, before starting any project that requires heavy equipment, make sure to call 811 to check your underground lines.

Tags: DIY, Boxer, Gehl, Kubota, Bobcat, outdoor projects, trencher, skid steer, mini excavators