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Maintain a Soccer Field with the Proper Equipment

Posted by: Erika Green on October 16, 2018


Every soccer field project is different. For some contractors, you may be tasked to remodel a vacant lot with a new turf field for a local park. For others, you may earn a job that requires ongoing maintenance and upkeep for an existing field.

Regardless of the job, the work can’t be done without the proper tools and equipment. Take maintenance for a soccer field as an example. A lot goes into the upkeep, but tasks will go smoother when you rent what you need from The Home Depot Rental:


Soccer fields go through the ringer season after season – whether it’s getting trampled from players’ cleats or surviving rain or snowstorms –  so it’s important to include aeration as part of your annual maintenance tasks.

Aerating the field helps to loosen compacted soil, which allows better flow of air, water and nutrients to the roots. Make sure you use one of our Toro or Classen aerators.

Lawn mowers

One of the most important maintenance jobs for a soccer field is mowing. It’s a job that requires attention at least once a week, so it’s crucial you have the right lawn mower to nail that perfect grass cutting height.

Luckily, we have commercial duty mowers available for rent. Our line of Toro lawn mowers is the way to go.

Skid steer

There may come a time where you and your team will need to fill in uneven areas and flatten raised edges. Trust us when we say, this isn’t a job for a shovel and wheelbarrow. Uneven fields can lead to injury and poor drainage so bring in pro-grade equipment to make sure it’s done right.

An ASV skid steer is the perfect solution for a soccer field build – it grades, levels, loads, and spreads, ultimately saving time and money. Get it delivered right to your jobsite and get started.


Managing a soccer field will likely require transporting a lot of materials around the designated area. That said, you may want to invest in renting a trailer to have handy.

Maintaining a soccer field is a pretty straightforward job that can be done efficiently when you have the right materials. Stop by one of our rental locations to learn about what else we carry that can help you on the jobsite.

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