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Lawn Aeration: The Why, When and How

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on September 23, 2015

Z-Plugr Aerator and Seeder Rental.jpg

Lawn Aeration: The Why, When and How

Core aerating your lawn can provide benefits that last all year long. This process involves puncturing your lawn by pulling plugs out of the soil with an aerator.


Core aerating your lawn helps to loosen compacted soil, which allows better flow of air, water and nutrients to the roots of your grass – ultimately, providing a more lush, green lawn.


Like most questions regarding time-of-year for gardening, this depends on your location, climate and, in this case, the type of grass you’re growing. If you have cool-season grass, including fescue and bluegrass, early spring or fall is the best time to aerate. This is when these types of grass are beginning their active growth period. If you have warm-season grass, including Bermuda and St. Augustine, the best time to aerate is in the spring – April to June. 


First you’ll need to rent an aerator. There are two types of aerators – a spike aerator that simply pushes spikes into the ground, and a plug aerator that pulls plugs of soil out of the ground.

For the best results, rent a plug aerator. The spike aerator can actually compress the soil further in some spots. This equipment can be heavy, so be sure to look into options for delivery as well.

Prior to running the aerator, be sure that your lawn is well watered. This will help the soil to come up easier. You will also want to make multiple passes with the aerator over your lawn. This will ensure the most productive aeration.

Capitalize on aerating your yard this fall, and you can enjoy a beautiful lawn for the entire year! 

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