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Landscaping Around a Fire Pit with Kubota

Posted by: Catherine Whittaker on November 15, 2015

Kubota BX25 Tractor Loader Backhoe (resized).jpg

Fall brings crisp temperatures and perfect weather for outdoor entertaining. Take your backyard – and your next get-together – to the next level by landscaping around your fire pit. Whether you decide to build your own out of stone or purchase an outdoor fire pit, your guests will appreciate a place to enjoy it.

Renting a Kubota tractor loader backhoe can assist you with many steps of this project – from grading and leveling the area to moving stones and heavy loads of gravel.

Follow these tips for a weekend project:

  • Choose the yard location. Keep in mind that a fire pit should be a safe distance from your home or other structures, as well as in an area with a clear space above. Building your fire pit underneath trees or in heavily covered areas is a fire hazard.
  • Clear a 7-foot radius, or greater, around your fire pit. Mark this area with stakes and string.
  • Remove any bushes, trees, grass or plants inside of the area.
  • Use the backhoe to dig 2 to 4 inches deep throughout the entire marked area. You want your finished surface to be as level and flat as possible.  
  • Line the area with landscape fabric to help prevent weed or grass growth.
  • Cover the liner evenly with pea gravel, rocks or another non-flammable material. This can be a heavy job and is well suited for the front loader.
  • Add your fire pit, Adirondack chairs and any other decorative elements. Be sure to keep everything a minimum of 3 feet away from the fire pit. You may also consider stringing outdoor lights near the area for added ambiance.      

Lastly, be sure to stock up on marshmallows for roasting, and you’re ready for fall entertaining.

The Home Depot Rental is proud to offer Kubota equipment for all your project needs this fall – and beyond! 

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