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Landscape Planning: A How-To Guide: Part 3

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on September 8, 2015


One often-overlooked key to a polished landscape is having an overall plan for your yard. Landscape planning is an easy way to ensure that your yard has a finished, thought-out look.

Join us for this three part series on transferring your vision to reality – Tips for Planning your Landscape, Tricks for Drawing your Landscape Plan and Steps for Putting your Landscape Plan to Action.

Putting Your Landscape Plan Into Action – Steps & Guidelines

Once you have your plan in place and drawn out, it’s time to get down to specifics. Follow these guidelines to put all your planning to work.

Choosing Plants:

  • Determine what grows best in your area. A helpful place to start is finding out which zone you live in at the US Department of Agriculture site.
  • Visit local nurseries and garden centers, such as The Home Depot. See plants in person and ask lots of questions. Take advantage of staff knowledge of plant sun and shade requirements, spacing and more.
  • Remember that your yard will need structure all year long. Space evergreens throughout your landscape for year-round color.
  • Keep in mind when plants will bloom. For example, you don’t want all of your spring-blooming plants in one corner of your yard. Again, spacing will provide year-round color in your landscape.
  • Choose a color palette. Too many colors can be overwhelming, even in a large yard. If you aren’t sure how to coordinate, choosing three colors and sticking to that palette can make decisions easy.


  • For bushes you plan to keep, cut them back. Prune these bushes down to sticks, allowing them to grow back with a lush, low profile.
  • Be mindful of your timing. For example, azalea bushes are best pruned within 3 weeks after spring blooming, to allow them to bloom again the following spring. Pruning azaleas in summer or fall will leave you without beautiful flowers come springtime.
  • Plant new or transplanted bushes in odd numbered groupings.  Odd numbers are more appealing aesthetically than even groupings.
  • Repeat the same plants throughout your landscape. This is another way to give your yard a more polished feel – making your choices seems purposeful and expansive, instead of a collection of small, individual gardens.
  • Remember texture. Mix large leaf plants, such as hydrangeas, with spikey plants, such as maiden grass, or small leaf plants. The variety of color, textures and height will add interest to your landscape.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, work your landscape in sections. Perhaps begin by focusing on the section of yard around a structure, such as landscaping around a pergola.

You may also want to consider rental equipment, taking some of the manual labor and effort out of gradingdigging or hauling.     

Your efforts towards a beautiful yard – from drawing a plan to pruning, planting and landscaping – will provide a space for you to enjoy year-round. Get started today!

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