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Kubota Excavator Safety: Part 1

Posted by: Catherine Whittaker on September 30, 2015


Kubota equipment is designed and built with safety in mind, although the ultimate in safety control lies with the user through correct operation.

Compact Power offers several models of excavators, including the Kubota K008, U17, KX71, and KX91. All of these models come with built-in safety features.

Both the KX71 and KX91 come equipped with:

  • Engine Start Lockout System – prevents the engine from starting when the safety levers are lowered
  • Safety Lever Lockout System – prevents unexpected excavator and attachment movement when entering or exiting the excavator
  • Auto House Parking Brake – automatically locks the house in the position it was in when the engine was shut off, eliminating the need for a swing lock pin. It also makes the excavator more compact during transport and more secure when parked on an incline
  • Swivel Negative Brake – automatically locks the swivel function in its current position. This prevents unexpected machine movement. It’s particularly useful during work on slopes or when towing the excavator between worksites
  • Travel negative brake – locks the tracks to prevent unwanted movement. This keeps the excavator secure while transporting it on the back of trucks or parking it on slopes

The U17 comes with zero-tail swing, meaning the tail will always remain within the width of the tracks. This allows the U17 to be used in congested, tighter areas. It also allows for balance, stability and faster operation.  

Engine overheating is prevented with the new coolant temperature gauge, lighting up to warn the user when the temperature reaches 115 degrees.

In addition to Kubota’s built-in safety features, there are a number of safety tips that users can follow. Be sure to check back for part 2 of excavator safety – user safety guidelines. 

Tags: DIY, kubota, kubota equipment, safety, equipment safety, Kubota K008, U17, KX71, KX91