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Kubota Equipment Safety: Part 2

Posted by: Catherine Whittaker on October 29, 2015


Kubota prides itself on manufacturing heavy equipment with your safety in mind. While all Kubota excavators have built-in safety features, there are many precautions and safety considerations that operators can use to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them.

A few tips and best practices to keep in mind when using heavy equipment – including excavators and tractor loader backhoes – include:

  • Be sure that the area is clear of people prior to operating. Never operate an excavator or swing a load with others in the project area.
  • Always operate the excavator in a smooth, even manner and on surfaces without a slope or hilly terrain. Operating with jerky movements, excessive speed or at a titled angle is dangerous.
  • Always ensure that equipment is properly counter-weighted.
  • Check above and below! Call 811 prior to digging to ensure underground utility lines are clearly marked. Also note any overheard clearances in your project area and avoid driving under electric lines or other hazardous areas with low clearance.
  • Never bypass the overload protection mechanisms. Be sure to only use the equipment in ways in which it was designed. 
  • Always operate the backhoe from the operator’s seat. Do not dismount while the equipment is running.
  • Deploy the stabilizers. Be sure you have clearance to do so, especially when working by structures, buildings or ditches.
  • Swing the backhoe to the uphill side whenever possible. If downhill dumping, swing only as far as needed to dump the bucket.

Remember when operating heavy equipment that safety is your number one priority – and you can never start too early! The “Ten Commandments of Safety” coloring book is available to keep the littlest Kubota fans aware and safe.

How do you keep you keep safety top of mind when operating heavy equipment? 

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