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Install A Sprinkler System with Ease

Posted by: Erika Green on June 3, 2016


Ever wonder how people maintain such plush, green lawns in the heat of summer? Sure, you could spend thousands on landscaping services or you could dedicate a weekend to do it yourself.  With the right equipment and the right plan, you can knock out a sprinkler install in no time.

Planning and preparation

Before you start, see if you need a permit and contact 811 to make sure you’re good to go. Then, take a few days to assess your lawn during daylight hours to determine which areas get the most, and least, sun. Once you have a better understanding of where the yard gets the most heat, you can decide where your sprinkler system should go. Water pressure and flow can also have an effect on the layout of your irrigation system. Still not exactly sure where you should put your new sprinklers? Use Google Maps to get an aerial shot of your home – this can be your guideline.

Once the layout is settled, you’ll need to do the following:

  • First, get a water pressure gauge and attach it to an outdoor faucet. You want at least 30 pounds of pressure.
  • Then, grab a five-gallon bucket to measure how much water flows in regular increments.
  • Finally, once you’ve done your research, take that figure to your local Home Depot so they can help select the right sprinkler system.

Picking the right one for you

Sprinkler systems come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the amount of time you want to invest, you can opt for a simple sprinkler or customize with PVC piping.

Either way, you’ll want to save time digging your own trenches by renting a Barreto 2036 trencher from The Home Depot Rental. It’s compact, easy to use and ensures precise trenches. A trencher ensures accurate depth and is operated with a push of a button. It’s also a great piece of equipment to rent if you have rough soil, which can turn this weekend project into a weeklong headache.

Making connections

Once you’ve dug the trenches, install the main lines. Using a pipe cutter, measure each piece to fit the structure of your sprinkler system perfectly. Depending on placement, give yourself access to the main line by creating a “T.”

Once your lines are structured, connect the piping with a fitting and attach the flex line. Once the fitting is in place, use a metal clamp to complete this part of the process. When your flex line is attached to the main line, attach the sprinkler head to the other end repeating the same technique. After everything is attached, go ahead and place the sprinklers wherever you need them.  Be sure to consider a filter and double check your work. As soon as you’re sure everything is where it should be, use a backflow preventer throughout the main line.

For your last step, attach a 2-outlet hose timer like this one from The Home Depot. With this piece of equipment, you can better manage the sprinkler system’s use and protect your home and yard.  After a few weeks, you’ll be the one with the plush lawn everyone is envious of.

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