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Your Indoor Painting Guide with a Paint Sprayer

Posted by: Erika Green on November 4, 2021

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A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to update rooms, furniture and fixtures in your home. If you’re looking to flip a room in a weekend, try a paint sprayer rental. Paint sprayers cover large areas faster and make smaller projects like painting a table and chairs a breeze. Follow our guide with tips for using a paint sprayer like a pro.

Choose a Paint Sprayer Rental

One way to make your DIY indoor painting project even easier is The Home Depot paint sprayer rental collection.

The medium duty paint sprayer is our most versatile model and the go-to for DIY projects. A medium duty paint sprayer can take on a variety of projects requiring 15 gallons or less. Think small rooms, furniture and outdoor spaces. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver and doesn’t require an air compressor.

If you’re looking to tackle a big paint project, then you’ll want to use our pro paint sprayer. It has all the same ease-of-use and maneuverability as the smaller version, but with a much larger capacity. Ideal for large jobs that require over 15 gallons of paint, it makes that whole-home repaint look a whole lot easier.

Pick Up Your Painting Equipment

Before getting started, gather all of your painting tools like your paint sprayer, a putty knife or straight edge, painter’s tape and a screwdriver. You’ll also want to rent a fiberglass twin stepladder or scaffold set for reaching high walls and ceilings.

If you’re painting an especially large, open indoor area like a warehouse or barn, check out our scissor lifts that can raise you and your painting equipment up to 40 feet.

Prep the Area for Indoor Painting

Always prep your indoor room the right way by following these steps:

  • Ventilate the room by opening any windows and doors. You can also use fans and proper safety gear like a mask and ventilator to keep the area safe and free of paint particles.
  • Cover the floor, furniture, fixtures and any other areas with drop cloths or a tarp to keep them safe from paint splatter or spray.
  • Apply painter’s tape to baseboards, power outlets, doorknobs or other fixtures. Remove the hardware from furniture.
  • Keep rags, buckets, water and paint sticks nearby for cleanup and mixing.

Tips for Using Your Paint Sprayer Rental

  • Choose the right paint. An airless paint sprayer rental uses oil-based paints. Paint should flow smoothly through the sprayer. Latex or water-based paints can be thicker and clog the machine.
  • Practice before getting serious. Fill the paint sprayer reservoir according to the operations manual. Using a piece of scrap drywall or cardboard, get the hang of using the sprayer in a smooth, back-and-forth motion. Experiment with the distance needed for proper coverage.
  • Extend your stroke. Always begin your stroke movement before using the trigger to release paint and end the stroke after releasing the trigger. This prevents paint from building up the surface.
  • Wipe your paint sprayer nozzle with a rag frequently to prevent clogging.
  • Paint corners and complex areas first. Next, move on to flat surfaces and work top to bottom.

Clean Up and Reveal

It’s essential to return your paint sprayer rental clean. Once your project is done, clean the entire paint sprayer following the operations manual. If you didn’t finish your project, dump the leftover paint back into the can and clean the machine before storing. Do not store paint in the paint sprayer for any extended period.

After you’ve completed the project, let the paint dry for 24-48 hours and then remove the painter’s tape and drop cloths. Move your furniture back into the room and design with décor.

Ready to give a room or piece of furniture a refresh? Update in a weekend with a paint equipment rental from The Home Depot Rental.