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How a Loader Backhoe Helps Homeowners Remove Tree Stumps Completely

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on April 28, 2014


Pulling a tree stump from the earth is nothing like pulling weeds. You may be aware that there are stump removal products that are designed to decay a stump, making them easier to remove, but such products are loaded with nasty chemicals. And it can feel like your life is passing you by if you choose to wait for a stump to decay on its own. But leaving it there can cause issues, such as the spread of plant disease or damage to your lawn mower if you accidentally hit it. With a loader backhoe, you can get the job done much easier and with far less aches and pains at the end. Get rid of that tree stump once and for all with ones of these machines.

Backhoe loaders are easy to maneuver and operate. You don't need any previous experience using one, as the controls are easy to understand. Their strength and durability make them a perfect tool for pulling a stump out of the ground. Once removed, you can also use the backhoe to fill in the hole with dirt.

To get that pesky stump out of your yard with a loader backhoe, wrap a heavy chain around the remaining trunk. Attach the chain to the backhoe and drive the vehicle away from the stump's location to pull it up. Alternatively, if the backhoe has a bucket arm, you can attach the chain to the arm and lift the stump out of the ground.

Renting a Loader Backhoe

Loader backhoes are considered heavy equipment, so buying one outright can be costly. If you won't use it often enough to justify such an investment, renting one is a sensible option. Rentals are available for a few hours or for several weeks, and the backhoe comes loaded on trailer for you.

Need to rent a backhoe loader to get that annoying tree stump out of your yard? Please contact us at Compact Power Equipment Rental.

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