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Gravel and Stone Landscape Project? A Motorized Wheelbarrow Can Help

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on December 23, 2013


Including gravel and stone in your landscape project can transform your backyard into the outdoor living space of your dreams. Rocks add shape, texture and color, as well as provide drainage.

There are a variety of options when it comes to gravel and stone that can enhance the beauty of your garden, but lugging around such rocks can be exhausting work. A motorized wheelbarrow can take the load off of you so you're able to focus more on the project at hand rather than aching muscles. 

Using a Motorized Wheelbarrow

motorized wheelbarrow, sometimes called a concrete buggy, not only does the heavy hauling work for you, but it does it much faster and can dump the rocks wherever you want them to go. They're simple to operate and can carry your load up hills and over the toughest terrains. Right now when you rent a motorized wheelbarrow for 3 days at Compact Power, you get 4 more days free, allowing you plenty of time to complete your new walkway.

Different Gravel and Stone Options

Here are the most popular gravel and stone types that are easier to transport with the help of a motorized wheelbarrow:
  • Pea gravel - Used for projects like filling in areas between larger rocks and creating pathways, this smaller stone is relatively inexpensive and easy to find, but has to be swept back into place regularly.  
  • Crushed granite gravel - Ideal for more contemporary looks, crushed granite gravel also works well for walkways but has a rougher texture. It's not as readily available though and is usually more expensive.  
  • Mexican beach pebbles - These smooth, smaller rocks can provide sophistication to your landscape and work well in Zen-styled gardens, though they tend to be more costly and aren't as easy to find. 
  • Decomposed gravel - Fairly inexpensive and easy to find, decomposed gravel is perfect for yards with a more rustic design. It can be placed around plants and used for a pathway as well. 
  • River rock - These rocks are bigger than the others and are good for directing drainage and creating dry creek beds. They come in a variety of colors and prices. 

When you're working on that backyard project want to save your back from an ache tomorrow, contact Compact Power Equipment Rental to rent a motorized wheelbarrow.

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Kitchen courtyard image, Lankford Associates Landscape Architects via Houzz, Contemporary Landscape image by Encinitas Landscape Architects & Designers 

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