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Get Ready for Late Summer Lawn Care

Posted by: Erika Green on September 13, 2019


Around this time each year, landscape businesses start heating up with late summer lawn care jobs. Both residential and commercial customers will be looking to “winterize” their lawns with dethatching, seeding, aeration, and fertilization. To help you keep up with the demand, The Home Depot Rental offers the equipment you need, right next to the materials and supplies you’re already shopping for.

Dethatching your Lawn

The benefits of lawn dethatching as part of end of summer lawn maintenance is no secret to you, but not all home and property owners are as equally informed. Educated customers are better for business and explaining the need for dethatching can help you secure those jobs. When customers request dethatching as part of their late summer lawn care, you can be prepared with the Classen Power Rake, available at The Home Depot Rental.

Aerating your lawn

Late summer and early fall aeration and over-seeding are great suggestions for customers who want a healthy lawn. Due to temperature variation and soil compaction, fall aeration is critical. The Home Depot Rental offers a variety of aeration tools to prep lawns and keep them green come springtime.

Contractors and lawn care professionals can choose from a variety of aerators available at The Home Depot Rental. Different jobs require different equipment and we have an aerator for most of the property types you’re servicing. For large areas, ride-on units like the Classen SA30 can be rented in select markets. The Home Depot Rental also offers walk-behind aerators and even towable aerators to suit all property sizes.

Seeding your lawn

After fall aeration is complete, it’s time to over-seed or re-seed lawns (this method can also be applied to fields for seasonal sports like soccer and football!). Fall aeration and over-seeding is a great technique to achieve a lush yard, but like dethatching, this practice isn’t always at the top of a customer’s wish-list. Educating and recommending additional services that can boost the end product is great practice both for your business and for the customer. As you plan to seed patchy areas, inform current customers of the benefits, especially for end of summer lawn care. Whether you’re the preferred lawn care company of a property, school, or residential community, re-seeding and over-seeding should be top of mind.

The Home Depot Rental offers a fleet of Classen over-seeders just for this purpose. Classen created over-seeders that meet your needs with 20-pound seed box capacities, and narrow builds to fit through gates at parks, fields, and homes. The fold-down handle also makes it simple to transport from one jobsite to the next. If you’re looking to cover a lot of square footage, the self-propelled over-seeder is the perfect tool for the job.

Fertilizing your lawn

In the landscaping business, many customers often ask when to fertilize their lawn. Just like aerating or re-seeding, the end of summer or early fall is your opportune window. With tools and equipment from The Home Depot Rental, your customers will thank you for a job well done.  

Late summer lawn care is essential. It’s also important to inform customers about the benefits of every step in the process. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to grass seed, fertilizer and everything else you need, visit The Home Depot and stock up on end of summer lawn care essentials.

Interested in renting equipment for your all your late summer lawn care jobs? Get started with easy lawn and garden rentals online.

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