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Get Prepped for Winter Cleanup Jobs

Posted by: Erika Green on January 31, 2020

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The news may be calling for a record-setting winter, but that can be an opportunity for professional contractors around the country. When it comes to wind, snow and ice, winter storm damage is often inevitable, and many crews are called upon throughout the colder months for expert remediation techniques on indoor and outdoor jobs. Help your crew be successful with equipment rentals that will keep them safe, warm and efficient.

Winter Yard Cleanup

Winter storms have the power to leave behind damaging debris in roads, driveways and yards while also affecting structures like homes, garages and sheds. Owners, landlords and building managers will want properties to be cleared quickly to prevent unsafe conditions or tenant disputes. Winter yard cleanup often consists of removing fallen trees, limbs and branches — making a chainsaw rental and towable chipper shredder important. Both can help dispose of branches by breaking them down into reusable mulch.

However, not all winter storm damage is immediate. If the storm-impacted tree limbs or utility poles are causing a potential safety hazard, an articulating boom lift rental can maneuver crews safely to problem areas for proactive pruning or repair. They can also support emergency response teams focused on power restoration to get communication lines up quickly after a storm. 

Snow Damage to Roofs

In colder climates, snow damage to roofs on homes and commercial buildings is a serious and costly problem. Snow, ice and water buildup can lead to leaks or structural collapse, making quick removal essential.

With ice and snow impacting worksites and conditions, risks are higher and a boom or scissor lift rental is typically an option for reaching repairs. A roofer’s pump is also a great rental tool to take care of melted rooftop water. With these job sensitivities in mind, we offer extended rental periods and large equipment delivery to your jobsite, seven days a week.

Burst Pipes in Winter

Cold weather remediation isn’t restricted to the outdoors. Burst pipes in winter can cause interior damage extending beyond a messy, wet cleanup. As indoor winter cleanup, repairs and even renovations continue for your crew, you can be confident The Home Depot Rental has all the large equipment, small tool, trucks and trailers you’ll need.

Blower, fan and dehumidifier rentals can help with water damage from leaks and burst pipes. We also offer professional grade carpet blowers and dehumidifiers to help with fast drying. Have a more flooded indoor area? Consider an electric submersible pump.

Keep Your Crew Cozy with Industrial Outdoor Heaters

Knowing winter storm damage and winter cleanup necessitates extended outdoor time, work with The Home Depot Rental to keep your crew in warmth, safety and comfort. Heater rentals help the jobsite stay manageable regardless of climate. There are plenty of choices including the 30,000-60,000 BTU propane heater (better for small spaces) or a kerosene heater rental (for larger jobs). Specification and safety information is available when operating these powerful machines.

Crews will be busy this season with winter storm damage remediation. Stock up on supplies and equipment from The Home Depot to stay warm and safe when cleaning debris, fixing roofs and burst pipes.

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