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Get Familiar with Genie Aerial Equipment

Posted by: Erika Green on January 17, 2017

Genie TZ50.jpg

With boom heights of 50 feet and up, Genie aerial equipment is a great tool to help you safely complete renovation projects that are typically out of reach. It’s a tool DIYers often overlook because they think it’s for professional contractors only. And with the right knowledge, preparation and safety precautions, you can use aerial equipment like the Pros, too. Here’s how:

Start with our Genie tutorial to get familiar with the basics. Take into account the safety tools you need to purchase, how to use the machine’s functions to boom up and down, rotate left and right and extend, and an understanding of the projects that are best completed with aerial equipment.

Once you’ve done that, get a sense of your worksite. Unlike a skid steer or mini excavator, the bulk of this machine’s functions are used when you’re off the ground. That makes it even more important to understand the space you’re working in and make preparations accordingly. Before you step into the platform, buy the necessary safety harnesses and attachments, do a walk-through of your worksite and identify any possible overhead impediments.

After you’ve covered basic operations and safety considerations, you can start working on projects. The plus of aerial equipment is its versatility – the lift can be used for a handful of projects at once. Need inspiration? See how you can use the lift to trim trees around your worksite or even take down holiday decorations and lights.

So what happens if you’re in the middle of the project and you’re not sure how to maneuver the equipment a certain way? You can always call 1-888-266-7228 to talk to a The Home Depot Rental representative.

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