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Get Creative: 5 Ways to Aesthetically Set Your Garden Apart

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on August 12, 2013


What is it about certain gardens that just make them standout? It usually boils down to certain creative design features which highlight and attract the eye. With the proper mindset, and equipment, any of these ideas can be achieved by the DIY'er or contractor.

1. Add a night time flare with lights

Nothing beats a late summer evening in the garden. Why not add some light and try building your own lantern or glow in the dark pathway! Try using one of our 5 creative ways to illuminate your yard or come up with your own fun DIY project. Even installing simple walkway lights can make your garden stand out.

2. Install a Fireplace

Adding a fire pit creates a whole new set of fun activities for your garden. Whether you decide to simply read books, or have a full on cookout, installing a fire pit can add beauty and functionality. Need help getting started? Be sure to read our DIY guide for installing a fire pit.

3. Utilize glow in the dark paint

Glow in the dark paint is a cheap and fun way to bring on certain areas of your garden. Have a walkway with side stones? Try painting the stones with a green or purple paint to illuminate the pathway. Even old stumps can be painted to create a beautiful effect. For the creative, experiment with a mix of colors throughout your garden to create a multitude of designs.

4. Redesign with fundamentals in mind

Sometimes you just need to stand back and consider whether your garden needs a complete redesign. Have you used lines, proportion, and transition to your advantage? Adding elements such as a walkway or privacy trees can be the difference between boring and beautiful. For information on design fundamentals, be sure to check out our guides found here and here.

5. Clean up and clear out

What good is a beautiful garden if you can’t see it! Tree branches and overgrown areas can hurt the aesthetics of any garden. For branches, rent a  JLG T350 Towable Boom Lift from your local Compact Power Equipment Rentaland a Chipper shredder to make quick work of pesky branches. Trim shrubs and clean up any unsightly weeds from all areas of your garden.

All of these ideas are fun and can easily achieved within a weekend. Have any of your own ways you have set your garden apart? Let us know! 

Privacy Landscaping (ebook)

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