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Five Outdoor Projects to Accomplish This Spring

Posted by: Erika Green on March 15, 2017


Spring is officially here – and if you live in cold weather climates, you’ve probably been itching to get outside and get working again. So to help you get started, we have a few suggestions for projects to tackle once it warms up.

Install an irrigation system

Boxer 120 Trencher

Thanks to the drops in temperature, your yard probably took a hit this winter. Grass becomes dormant during the cold months, so the lush outdoor space you’ve become accustomed to may have become brown and dry. To combat this, install an irrigation system.

While this type of project may sound like a huge undertaking, with the right equipment, any DIYer can accomplish it. We’d recommend you start by renting a Boxer 120 trencher. This equipment will allow you to dig efficiently and effectively. Plus, you can have the equipment delivered to you with our delivery option.

Once you’ve rented your equipment, read this post from our partner Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford. It’ll give you a good step-by-step process for the actual installation.

Clear out extra trees

Genie aerial equipment

Here’s the thing – cold weather takes a toll on trees and plant life. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Before the warm weather is back in full swing, take care of the trees in your yard by cutting away dead or overgrown branches and stems. This will be helpful in two ways: it will increase the property value by improving visual appeal while also helping your trees to grow again.

But if your yard consists of several tall trees for which your ladder is no match, rent Genie aerial equipment. See how this equipment can make trimming branches safer and easier here.

Create your own mulch

If you want to really make a difference in your yard, repurpose the tree branches you cut down to create mulch. This project can be made simple by renting a Morbark 8 Inch Chipper Shredder. Our chippers come in different sizes so you can turn debris into composted material within minutes. Here’s how

Do some landscaping

Boxer mini skid steer

Make 2017 the year you update the yard by adding new bushes, shrubs and trees. If you’re purchasing soil or dirt, rent a Boxer Mini Skid Steer and a dump trailer. Because of its compact size, the mini skid steer can work in tight spaces while the dump trailer will clear out anything you don’t need.

Clean up your home’s exterior

Give your home a little love. Simple outdoor projects like cleaning the windows and pressure washing the siding will make it the best home on the block.

You can also use Genie aerial equipment to clean the gutters. They’re an often-overlooked spring project that has great payoff. Rent one of our Genie TZ34 boom lifts at your local rental center to get to your gutters. Not sure how to operate an aerial lift? Check out our how-to video for step-by-step instructions.

With these projects to get you started, you’ll be ready for spring in no time.

Tags: DIY, Boxer, Genie, Morbark, Spring projects, building irrigation system, cleaning up the yard, landscaping