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Fire Resistant Landscaping: An Overview

Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on September 3, 2013


As the weather warms up, so does the threat of wildfires. This year alone, the US has experienced over 19,000 fires! (source) Luckily, there are a few landscaping ideas which help serve as preventive measures. Remember to always check local fire reports and have an evacuation plan as precautions.

Safe Zones

One of the biggest threats to a home is the surrounding vegetation which can potentially help fire spread. By trimming, clearing out, and even removing flammable plants such as blade leaf or needle leaf evergreens, you can drastically reduce the risk of a fire spreading to your home.  

For tall tree trimming, consider renting aJLG T350 Boom LIft from your local Compact Power Equipment Rental. This will allow you to cover a much larger area in a shorter time period. For disposal of excess brush, limbs, and leaves, rent a Chipper Shredder  and add the material to a compost pile.

By keeping these areas around your house free from excess combustible material, you will have effectively created a defensible space. For more detailed information on fire prevention zoning, check out the NASD recommendations.

Fire Resistant Vegetation

While there are no “fire-proof” plants, there are many types of vegetation which are less combustible. A good rule of thumb is to choose plants which:

  • Grow close to the ground with little dead material accumulation

  • Are considered “high moisture” with supple and moist leaves

  • Do not exhibit strong odored sap or resin

For trees, it is a good idea to avoid pine, fir, and other conifers which are known to be combustible in nature. Trees such as maple, cherry, and other hardwoods are better options and are less likely to spread a fire. For tree removal, or transportation, try renting a Boxer 427 Mini Skid Steer.

Landscaping Ideas 

As discussed, having safety zones can help prevent a fire from spreading. Installing firebreaks such as stone walls, flower beds, or even a pool can be highly effective. Try lining flowerbeds with rocks or installing a rock patio to eliminate the potential of ground fire spreading. Renting a Dump Trailer and Mini Skid Steer from Compact Power Equipment Rental can make transportation and installation a breeze.

As the dry air moves in with summer, so does the chance of wildfires. Preventative measures such as specific landscaping, vegetation selection, and zoning can help protect your home. For more more statistics and information on fires in the United States, be sure to visit the National InterAgency Fire Service website.

Have any of your own  fire resistant landscaping tips? Be sure to share them with us!

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