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Fall Landscaping: Planting Trees with Mini Excavators

Posted by: Catherine Whittaker on November 18, 2015


As cooler temperatures set in, it can be easy to assume that any landscaping work must be put on hold. However, there are a number of important jobs that can beautify and improve your yard from this fall – into the warmer months.

Fall can be an ideal season to plant trees, as warm soil still lingers from summer months while cooler and more hospitable temperatures have moved in – along with adequate rainfall, depending on your location. This combination of warm soil and cool air can help to simulate root growth, allowing your tree to become established in its new home before cold, harsh weather or any ground freeze. Be sure that your soil still has a temperature of roughly 55 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, as measured about six inches deep, prior to planting.  

As with all landscaping, there are certain exceptions to fall planting tips and guidelines, based on tree type and your location. Some trees may thrive better when planted during the spring – including magnolia, dogwood, sweet gum, red maple, birch, hawthorn, poplar, cherry, plum and many oak varieties.

At this time of year, you will need to select trees with roots wrapped in burlap or container grown trees. Bare-root trees should only be planted in late winter or early spring.

mini excavator will also aid in planting your new tree – allowing you to dig an adequate hole for the root ball. As a general rule of thumb, you should dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball and to a depth that allows the root ball’s soil line to sit right at ground level.

Before digging, be sure that you’ve allowed enough room for the roots as the tree matures and have taken your overall landscape plans into consideration. Always take the proper safety precautions when completing any project.

You may want to wrap the bases of more delicate, planted trees until the weather warms. It is also a good idea to apply mulch to the area around your newly planted tree to help supply nutrients and insulate the soil. Be sure to leave several inches mulch-free around the base of your tree.

Take advantage of the slower months this fall to enhance your landscape with new trees. Our equipment is ready to help you cross items off your to-do list – all year long!

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