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Expand Your Services to Customers by Thinking Big Picture

Posted by: Erika Green on November 1, 2018


“I can definitely build your dream deck, but you may want to also think about installing a French Drain to take care of this drainage issue I’m seeing.”

How many times have you been on a jobsite and noticed other projects you’d do if it was your house? Whether it’s fixing drainage problems, building retaining walls or expanding a patio, there’s no shortage of home improvement projects that need to be done. And as a professional contractor with the knowledge and expertise, you can be the one to help make those projects a reality for your customers.

The next time you find yourself on a job at a residential property, take stock of your surroundings. Think about the projects you’d take on if you lived there. Consider the services your company offers and see if the homeowners’ needs align with your expertise.  When done correctly, you can solve a customer’s problem by providing a solution from someone they already trust. Here are some examples:

Tree Trimming + Window Washing + Gutter Cleaning

Let’s say you’re out on a job trimming back several large trees at a residential jobsite. You’ve already got your lift there – why not offer to use it to inspect the homeowner’s gutters? And, if upon inspection they’re filled with debris, offer to use the lift to clean out the gutters for a small additional fee. Or, if you want to be proactive, keep some window washing tools in your truck so when you’re on a job like this, you can offer to clean their elevated windows. You’d be surprised how helpful this is for customers and how often they’ll take you up on the offer.

Chipping + Shredding + Making Natural Mulch

You just spent all day clearing brush from the back of a large property. You might be tempted to say it’ll be finished in 12-hours, but you’d be missing an opportunity to help that homeowner replace the worn-out mulch in their landscaping. If you’ve rented one of our chippers, you may be able to take the clippings and upgrade their landscaping for a fraction of the cost and time of buying and spreading bags of mulch.

Digging + Stump Removal + Planting

A Gehl mini excavator is a very versatile machine, given that it can tackle big projects with limited working room. If you have one of these machines on the jobsite, take advantage of its versatility and turn one job into two, three or four jobs. If you’re digging a sewer line, look around for tree stumps that may need removed. Or consider the homeowner’s property lines. Would they benefit from natural tree or shrub boundaries? The mini excavator is the perfect piece of equipment for everything from landscape projects to removing tree stumps and other earthmoving jobs.

While these ideas are great, the only real limit is your imagination. Whenever you’re on a jobsite, always look around and consider other jobs you can take on. This is a fantastic technique for building your business, because when done correctly, both the contractor and the homeowner wins.

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