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Enhance Your Backyard with a Water Feature

Posted by: Jason Mills on August 4, 2014


Summertime is the perfect season to enjoy your backyard. What better way to enhance the serenity, and value, of your property than adding a water feature? From koi ponds to fountains to waterfalls, the possibilities are endless.

Landscape equipment rentals can make this DIY project easier and safer. Consider renting a backhoe to dig a pond, or a trencher to bury electrical lines running to waterfalls or fountains.

Once you’ve secured your equipment, planned your space and located any buried utility lines, use your backhoe to dig out the area for the water feature and build up any areas needed for waterfalls.

Next, install landscaping fabric and a rubber pond liner over the area. Be sure to check for any gaps to ensure that there are no water leak issues down the road.

Install any needed pumps, hoses or electricity. To safely and properly install a water feature, you must bring the electricity directly to the water source. While 

Complete the water feature with gravel, decorative boulders, ornamental grasses, and other area landscaping. Fill up your pond or fountain, and be sure to maintain the required water level to preserve proper function of your pump and other mechanisms over will need to call a licensed electrician to run any needed electrical wires, you can save money by trenching and running the PVC pipe to house these wires yourself. Bury Schedule 40 PVC conduit in a trench about 20 inches deep.

Let Compact Power Equipment Rental help you get started on this DIY project today, so you can relax by your new outdoor oasis tomorrow! 

Tags: DIY, backyard, water feature, enhance, landscaping, yard, backhoe, trenching, equipment rental