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Early Spring Lawn Care

Posted by: Erika Green on March 12, 2019


As temperatures warm and the ground thaws, March is an ideal time for DIYing outdoors. And with an extensive arsenal of lawn equipment available to rent at The Home Depot Rental, we’re here to help get your property ready.

Yard Aeration

The moderate seasons are great times for aerating your lawn. Depending on the type of grass, the level of activity your lawn sees, and the climate in your region, decompaction may be necessary to loosen up the soil and allow nutrients to make their way to the roots.

Regardless of whether you’re faced with a small yard or acres of land, The Home Depot Rental is equipped with all your aerating needs. For moderate projects, the Classen SA30 aerator is a rental favorite. It's compact and easy-to-use, allowing you to maintain the vibrancy of your healthy lawn or prep it for fertilizing and seeding. 

Leveling a Lawn

A level lawn is much more than just an aesthetic concern. Slopes and drops can prompt injuries and make maintenance difficult. Kick off spring with a skid steer rental and set out to even things up. Skid steers are a go-to tool for both homeowners and professionals. The bucket attachment can be used to remove rocks and other potentially hazardous materials, shave and fill bumps and dips, as well as to pack and flatten the area. Available with numerous convenient features, a skid steer gives you the ability to overcome even the roughest of lawns.

Tilling a Garden

It’s rewarding to watch flowers bloom or to cook with vegetables and herbs grown in your own garden. But for a flourishing botanist, proper preparation is key. Tilling allows you to get the soil ready for planting by loosening up the soil and breaking down any weed roots – as well as any insect nests. From traditional manual tillers to heavy-duty hydraulic tillers, The Home Depot Rental has it all.

Ready to rent one of our available machines? Start the convenient online process now.

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