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Dump Trailers for Leaf Removal and Lawn Care Before Winter

Posted by: Erika Green on December 20, 2019


Late fall is a beautiful time of year, but it’s also messy. Clean up jobs are essential for maintaining the look and health of outdoor residential and commercial spaces. Sometimes jobs like fall clean up, leaf removal, and other types of lawn care before winter are too small to necessitate a full-sized dump truck but too large for a standard pickup truck. That’s when your crew needs a Snake River dump trailer rental.

Leaf Removal and Tree Trimming Debris

Larger properties with mature trees can require an extensive fall clean up, not including any additional services such as bush, shrub and tree care. While not always the most exciting of jobs, fall lawn care can be a slow and tedious process without the right equipment. Adding a Snake River 5x8 dump trailer to your leaf blower rental can be a convenient and inexpensive way to increase your jobsite efficiency.

Hauling Lumber and Tree Limbs

When fall cleanup becomes winter lawn maintenance, things don’t get any easier. Fallen trees can create sizeable eyesores and even present safety hazards, but can be easily cut down to a manageable size with a chainsaw rental. Once partitioned out, a chipper and log splitter rental makes quick work of the cleanup.

Transporting all that lumber and debris requires quite a bit of time and labor from your crew, so renting a dump trailer can expedite the entire process. Instead of carrying the wood by hand or even in a wheelbarrow, loading it into the dump trailer can save on multiple trips and create a much easier unloading process. If your client isn’t interested in keeping the lumber, a dump trailer can help you get it back to your shop for your own use.

A medium-sized dump trailer like the 6x10 model is ideal for this type of fall clean up job. This trailer is slightly larger and can hold 4,500 pounds of lumber and debris, saving you time and money.

Landscaping and Lawn Care Before Winter

Lawn care before winter and landscaping maintenance are also ramping up as cooler temperatures roll in. Many customers request final grass cutting and the removal of weeds, unwanted bushes, shrubs and medium-sized trees before the season ends. If your services include leaf removal, preparing lawns for winter, tree care or anything similar, a dump trailer can help carry the load. This 7x14 dump trailer rental offers seven cubic yards of space for everything from logs, unwanted trees, grass clippings and bagged leaves. This model can handle 5,800 pounds of debris and carry tools needed for fall clean up jobs.

We understand late fall is a busy time for pros nationwide. So, we offer easy and flexible rental periods to fit your schedule. Dump trailers are available to rent hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. Start the rental process today and request delivery for an even easier fall clean up.

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